Global Sourcing

We are Exporters of Intermediates, Organic & Inorganic Chemicals, Solvents & other Additives for applications in the following industries:

o   Textile

o   Leather

o   Paper

o   Coating

o   Packaging

o   Lubircant

o   Food & beverages

o   Cosmetic

o   Water treatment &

o   Oil field exploration 

With our in-depth experience in International trade for many decades, we have supported our customer globally  and have catered to their requirements of various products . We also have worked as exclusive sourcing partner for large corporations from USA , South America, Europe, North & West Africa & Far East countries. 

We welcome your requirements for these products with Qty and destination. We will provide you the TDS , Packing Options , Delivery Lead Time and Commercial Details at the earliest.

Dyes Intermediates

Organic & Inorganic Including Fine Chemicals

Orgaic Solvents for Brake Oil Producers

Additives (Chemicals) for Textile,Leather, Paper, Ink & Food Industries.