Silicones now have a proven record of long term performance in the most demanding applications, offering the following general physical attributes .

  • 1. Wide temperature range from -115 to 300ºC
  • 2.Excellent electrical properties
  • 3.Flexibility
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As automotive electronic applications continue to grow in number and complexity the demands made upon them for increased performance and reliability present many design challenges. By nature, the environmental conditions under which these units must work are very harsh. Temperatures under the

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Its range of Silicones can reliably outperform traditional ceramic or plastics materials in many applications and are typically used for wire and cable, high-voltage insulators, EMI shielding, breakers and disconnect switches, and surge arrestors. The numerous benefits they offer include:

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The requirement for protection and safety of electronic components and electrical equipment is very important and many factors can influence their proper functionality when is use.Electronic ciruiits and components are not heavily used in various inductries like Automotive Traction and railway, Aviation and

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Medical devices place special demands on manufacturers regarding biocompatibility and processing. From ease of processability in manufacturing to enhanced comfort when in contact with the human body, silicones can meet the exacting demands of the healthcare & medical device industry.Even with small application quantities,

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The share of renewable energies in the total energy demand will continue to increase in the coming years. The rotor blade manufacturers needs materials for mould making and blade production. Some applications include

  • 1. Adhesives & sealants for repair and maintenance of wind turbines.
  • 2. Adhesives for rotor blade bonding & the nacelle
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There are growing use of Formulated Chemicals in the Transportaion industry . With the growing need of Sophistication and better customer experience , these use cases will continue to grow . Some of the Applications are below .

  • 1. Fire retardant structural adhesives for commercial transportation
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Silicones have become widely used by LED design engineers to provide improved light performance, extended product life and environmental protection. CHT has several product groups to choose from including: optically clear encapsulants & thermally conductive encapsulants & adhesives. Applications include

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Coatings Products includes additives, building blocks, coalescents, emulsifiers, and oxygenated solvents. There are many eco-efficient alternatives, with low toxicity, low odor, low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and higher renewable carbon content that delivers high performance in the production and application of paints,

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Electroplating is the process of coating a metal (or other material) with a thin layer of another metal by using electrolysis Thereby imparting certain properties to the base object. The main purpose of electroplating is to change or improve the surface properties of an object, for example to improve corrosion resistance,

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Silicone moulding rubber has many applications across a wide range of industries using various casting mediums. Silicone is chosen for its fine reproduction of detail, versatility and physical strength.

  • 1. Casting materials & applications
  • 2. Wax for candles and use in the lost wax process for bronze casting
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In recent decades, synthetic surfactants have been used significantly in different fields of application. It is noteworthy that almost one half of these surfactants are used in domestic cleaning detergents. Synthetic surfactants have unique properties such as reduction of interracial tension and formation of micelles which is because of their structure

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